Sugar Juice Filtration

Sugar industry already has a long tradition with Separation and Filtration. Filtration is that important in only a few industries, so the engineers in the sugar mills have a very practical experience and much knowledge in this field. Filter installation for sugar Juice

Filtermat Holland started in sugar industry with delivery of selfcleaning filter systems for beetwash water and for condensers (raw juice and carbonatation). In a later stadium the engineers of a sugar mill asked to develop a system for the filtration of sugar juice (thick juice) just before crystallization.

Such a system, called a "thick juice sugar installation", is a design of several ABF selfcleaning filters, which are connected parallel and build together. This system is controlled by a PLC according to the latest modern standards.

Because thick juice is rather viscous and an expensive product for the sugar factory, thin juice or hot water is used as back washing medium. This thin juice will be carried back to an earlier stage in the process flow. There will be no loss of expensive thick juice during this filtration step.

The sugar industry has a short campagne, so the reliability of the equipment and service of the suppliers is most important.

Filtermat Holland has built a very good international reputation in the sugar industry (see references).
Of course Filtermat Holland also proves this reputation also in other branches.