C-N-P concept; chemicals for sewage treatment plants

The C-N-P Concept improves the efficiency of the water treatment plant, and therefor also saves money.

CNP chemicalsAs a result of the Pro-Entec chemicals, the bacteria populations tends to change in favor of the long- living species. These use their nutrition mainly as food and in contrary to the short living species not for multiplication.

The advantages are better removal of C, N and P (lower output values) and significantly less sludge that has to be disposed.

An other aspect of the C-N-P Concept is that it works with "controlled oxidation". The need for oxygen is much less; the oxygen production usually is the most expensive part of the water treatment process.

Finally a satisfying reduction of nitrogen can be obtained without a separate de-nitrification step and the efficiency of the basin volumes is much higher. Because of this investments in capacity expansion or process changes may not be necessary or can at least be postponed for a longer period of time.

Concluding the C-N-P Concept is an environment-friendly and cost saving method for water treatment plants, because it improves the output values, reduces the required energy and the amount of residual sludge.